"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader"

                           - Margaret Fuller

At Pioneering Women we have partnered with Harper Collins on a couple of events in the past that featured two of their inspiring authors (Amanda Lang and Gail Vaz-Oxlade) and we hope to do more events with authors in the future.  Clearly we are a fan of reading, which lead us to create this page!

Are you looking for books written by influential women in business that you can relate to?  Look no further!  We suggest that you read the works of Arlene Dickenson and Mireille Guiliano as they have some GREAT insight and advice!  Dealing with negativity at the office or difficult co-workers/bosses?  There is no one better to dish helpful and simple advice than Jon Gordon.  Want to learn about a company that makes happiness for their external AND internal customers their number one priority and find out how do they do it?  If yes, then Delivering Happiness by Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh is a must read.  Or, if you are simply yearning for insight on becoming a better leader, then Robin Sharma has some simple yet solid advice for that too in The Leader Who Had No Title.

We will continue to add books to the selection below, but if you have read any books that have inspired you – please contact us HERE.   We would love to hear about it and may be able to share your suggestions here or through our social media channels.  There really is no excuse NOT to be inspired by some of today's best authors and thought leaders, and we hope you find these suggestions helpful!!

Female authors who we think offer solid advice

              The power (and logic!) of positivity in the workplace