Donna Slack  

Donna Slack is Vice President, Media for Sony Pictures Releasing Canada.  Having witnessed the evolution of movies, theatrical film marketing, distribution and exhibition, Donna's a media traditionalist at heart.  She reads at least one newspaper a day, watches countless hours of television, and still listens to the radio.  Starting out as a Media Assistant at McKim Advertising, she was ultimately seduced by the 'glamour' of Hollywood.  She's made her home at Sony Pictures for over three decades and been privileged to work alongside talented, dedicated peers throughout - including Lorraine Wong, Lee Muir, Judy D'Lima, Renata Hovorka, Michael Brooker, Tim Bishop, Srimati Sen, and the late Eliza Fernandes.  Much younger but equally talented peers Rachel Amaya and Jonathan House are now part of her extended family. Donna has been incredibly lucky to have worked for and with really only two media teams in LA.  Earning their trust and respect has allowed her to realize a work life balance, ensuring that daughters Shelby, Keera and husband David Bronstine always come first.  Although honoured to be considered a mentor of women in business, Donna's greatest achievement would be as a role model that her daughters can be proud of in any capacity.

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