Pioneering Women's Mentoring Minutes

We all seem so starved for time these days, but we think we have found a way to inspire you here in less than two minutes at a time!

With so many wonderful and inspiring women working in the Canadian film industry, we thought it would be a good idea to   introduce you to as many positive role models as we can - virtually!   We are keeping these vignettes short for quick and easy viewing - each one should clock in at under two minutes.  You might find yourself wanting to watch more than one!  Our mentors to date include:  Pat Marshall, Nuria Bronfman, Andrea Grau, Margaret Burnside, Joanna Miles, Donna Slack, Sarah Necoloff and Susan Smythe-Bishop.

Presented by Pioneering Women, these interview bites are produced by Jennifer Rashwan, filmed by Matt Lochner and edited by a wonderful group of women who work at EXTREME REACH MIJO including Silvia Murday, Cait Powell, Roxanne Chow and Christine Remnant.  A special shout out of thanks to Cait Powell for coming in over the weekends to get these minutes done for us!  This amazing teamwork allowed us to produce these for you, so thank you to everyone who has been involved so far including the interviewees who were very generous with their time and in sharing their life experiences!*

This page will display of our our current clips we have released, but you can watch previously released clips by simply clicking on the mentor names above or in the drop down menu at the top.

You can also visit our vimeo page by clicking HERE to see everything that we have posted so far!

*The material and information presented here is intended for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.