I am what I am today because of choices that I made yesterday  

-Eleanor Roosevelt    

Mentoring Minutes

Let us introduce you to some very inspiring women through short yet inspiring video vignettes.  Everyone can find a minute to be inspired!


Our events are fun, inspirational and affordable and also present a wonderful networking opportunity for women working in film or other related industries.

Who We Are

Founded by two film industry veterans, our organizing committe includes women who either work or have worked in the film industry.  Click here to meet us!

Pioneering Women was initially founded in late 2010 as a resource to support women working in the Canadian Motion Picture Industry.  Although we have expanded to include other like-minded industries, our objective to this day is to address concerns that may restrict women's personal and professional growth.  We do this by planning and hosting professional development events and initiatives that are intended to be fun,  inspirational, informative, and affordable.  We also aim to introduce women to positive role models.  Have a look at our trailer below - it will give you a better feel for what we are about!

Pioneering Women - Who We Are from Pioneering Women on Vimeo.

All profits from our efforts go to support the Canadian Picture Pioneers, an organization that not only helps to unify the Canadian Film Industry through many annual events and fundraising initiatives, but also supports industry members who may be facing financial hardship due to circumstances beyond their control.  For more information, please click HERE.